01 Sustainability

Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products, what we offer customers, how we engage suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities,....

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02 Diversity

We at QHPPL are committed to taking on the world’s toughest challenges. In order to fulfill that promise around big issues like clean energy and affordable engineering....

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03 Resources

At our manufacturing site our resources manages, the Quality and Reliability staff monitors quality, provides feedback to the Product Design and Technology....

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04 Quality

We follow high standards as the organization has the responsibility and authority to improve product quality and reliability through the following....

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Technologies We Use

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Environmental Citizenship

QHPPL has long focused on design for the environment and improving its environmental performance. Learn more about how this focus is now expanding to components used in manufacturing procedures.

Transformation in the Making

When we think about innovation, we think about the transformative work through innovative approaches, we are creating new designs and working on different materials that dramatically improve and create capabilities. Far more than mere engineering at increasingly smaller dimensions, we are expanding our ability to observe and manipulate matter and to producing superior quality.

Advanced Technology

We have had the firsthand experience as to how the developments in manufacturing has transformed to form the foundation for innovative, affordable solutions, systems and products-solutions that we are already realizing, not only in aerospace and defense but in renewable energy, healthcare, robotics and other adjacencies.

QHPPL Engineering team has been expanding global presence and reputation for quality products with its strong engineering capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. It manufactures & supplies precision custom-designed & engineered critical equipment & systems to the core sector industries